know VERB (past knew; past part. known) 1) have knowledge of through observation, inquiry, or information. 2) be absolutely sure of something. 3) be familiar or friendly with. 4) have a good command of (a subject or language). 5) have personal experience of. 6) (usu. be known as) regard as having a specified characteristic or title: the boss was universally known as ‘Sir’. 7) archaic have sexual intercourse with.
be in the know — Cf. ↑be in the know
God (or goodness or heaven) knows — Cf. ↑heaven knows
know better than — Cf. ↑know better than
know no bounds — Cf. ↑know no bounds
know one's own mind — Cf. ↑know one's own mind
know the ropes — Cf. ↑know the ropes
know what's what — Cf. ↑know what's what
you know — Cf. ↑you know
DERIVATIVES knowable adjective.
ORIGIN Old English, «recognize, identify».

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